Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wiring, I can hook that up, there are only two wires!!

While the simple DC circuit is only two wires and they can be hooked up anywhere that I can find a "hot" wire and a "ground" right??  If only it were so simple, everything would be cherry.  The reality of the DC circuit is more involved than that.  Is the Battery positive and Battery negative a good source at that point?  Is there circuit protection for the wiring that you are about to tap into?  Does there need to be switched power?  Is the Battery negative able to complete the circuit?  With the age of many boats in the area, the wiring connections and connectors are coming to the age of Corrosion.  This is a wonderfully time consuming process of detection.  Connections hidden behind walls, panels and fly bridge brows.  Don't be fooled by just an easy two wire hookup.  Do some research first and make the right choice before risking the new device or your sanity for a simple wiring project.

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